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There's a black boy at my school, and he honestly takes white people saying 'nigga' better than most of tumblr. He just gets their attention, and says "You're not black. You've never had that shouted at you from across the street. So shut up". And then he forgives them afterwards if they admit it was wrong to say. Notice how he DOESN'T turn it into "STFU WHITE SCUM YOU'VE NEVER BEEN OPPRESSED"


God, so many people need to take a leaf out of that awesome bloke’s book. Why is it so hard for people to not make everything a drama-filled angst orgy, I wonder?



Why is it so hard for black people to take day after day of racial oppression without being nice?

Congressman: Some Border Kids Are ‘Not Children’


Holdon, I speak Old White Man. Let me translate.

"These kids are from places that have been ravaged by American via imperialism and ludicrous drug policies, and as such have been robbed of their childhood and innocence, are forced to grow up too fast and are forced out of their home countries, and therefore do not meet my standards of what it means to be a middle-class white American child, so let’s send them back into places where they may well be the victims of violence, because fuck ‘em."

An expert in one of the newer world languages—Old White Man—has thoughtfully translated this oration for us!

Whitney Wolfe, co-founder of dating app Tinder, has filed a lawsuit against the company after a year of being forced to work with her abusive ex, Justin Mateen, and his slanderous attempts to bend her to his will, including calling her sexist slurs in front of her coworkers and subordinates both in and out of the workplace. During this time, her cohorts, including fellow co-founder and CEO Sean Rad, chose to side with the abuser and blame Wolfe for her own abuse, even going so far as to say that Mateen’s behavior was her responsibility.

These pictures detail only a tiny sliver of the terror Wolfe, a critical part of Tinder’s popularity, had to endure during her time working for the company.

Wolfe’s victim blaming boss can be tweeted @seanrad and her emotionally and mentally abusive ex @Justin_Mateen.

Please keep her in your hearts as she fights this legal battle, which is in itself a route that Wolfe never wanted to take. It is a decision, like her resignation, that she was coerced into despite her passion for Tinder, a project which she co-founded and would certainly not exist as it is without her.

Female Co-Founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe, Faces Abuse by Co-Worker and is Subsequently Ignored by Other Co-Founders


"Mr. Mateen’s anger, jealousy and control issues were so intense that they impacted Tinder business opportunities. In or about January 2014, Ms. Wolfe was contacted by the Creative Director of an influential fashion and lifestyle blog. This Creative Director wanted to do a feature on Ms. Wolfe in her role as a young female co-founder of a very hot dating app startup. Ms. Wolfe immediately recognized the marketing potential of such a piece —- which would be read by large numbers of young, trend-setting women. Rather than welcoming the free publicity, Mr. Mateen became incensed and claimed that the Creative Director was “disrespecting him” by doing a feature on Ms. Wolfe (his ex-girlfriend) and not focusing on other women, including a female assistant, in the story. He said that the Creative Director wanted to have sex with Ms. Wolfe because of her co-founder title. He became so angry that he threatened to “fuck” the Creative Director’s wife, and said that he would “be a handyman for my backyard and will be on a leash.” In the end, tired of being attacked by Mr. Mateen, Ms. Wolfe told the Creative Director that he shouldn’t come to the office at that time.

Mr. Mateen continued to engage in threatening and abusive behavior. He bombarded Ms. Wolfe with harassing and increasingly frightening texts in which Mr. Mateen threatened her with termination if he was unable to come to terms with her no longer wanting to date him (“the effect will be that ur gone”), in which he ignored her pleas to stop berating her during work hours (“[y]ou’re effecting my work environment. I am trying to do my job and this is very out of control,”) and in which he obsessively grills her about her romantic life even when she makes it clear that they “are not together” and he has “no right to [her] personal life.” She begs him to “please stop…. You are harassing me.”

The abusive atmosphere at Tinder was beyond the pale and becoming unbearable for Ms. Wolfe, as it would for any reasonable person. As noted above, on multiple occasions she spoke to Mr. Rad to see if he would intervene to end the abuse or, at a minimum, change the reporting structure so that she was no longer directly supervised by Mr. Mateen. Mr. Rad would simply accuse Ms. Wolfe of being “dramatic,” or “annoying” and ignore her complaints. On one occasion, CEO Rad told Ms. Wolfe that he and Mr. Mateen had agreed that even though Mr. Mateen was still upset about the failure of their relationship, they were going to allow her to stay at Tinder. 36. During a meeting with Ms. Wolfe and Mr. Mateen, Mr. Rad told Ms. Wolfe that if she and Mr. Mateen couldn’t get along, it would be Ms. Wolfe who would be fired. Mr. Rad told her that it was her job to “keep Justin calm.” If she couldn’t do that she would be fired.”

Disgusting “rape culture” quote by a guy

TW rape:

"Rape culture doesn’t exist, and that’s the final verdict." - A guy cherry-picking some quotes out of a couple of articles. About 5 other guys then started to agree with him and laugh at "the idiocy" of people trying to deal with rape culture. Oh, the irony…



"I am so confident in my conviction for someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about."

Support the Academic Success of Kids of Color


This is the last day!!!!!

If everyone who looks at this post donates $1 or reblogs, we can easily raise money for these at-risk youth whose needs are usually ignored by the school system!


Dying a Synthetic Wig — Use Water or Alcohol?

This is Part 1 of my video series, Dying a Synthetic Wig! The wig turned out like this:

If you want to see the whole process, stay tuned!

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