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I also hate when I’ll tell men that I can’t trust men

and they’ll react in some way like “damn girl who hurt you”

as if my reactions, my hypervigilance, my mistrust came from just one man’s actions

and not the sum of all of the actions

how men act in groups

how men behave everyday

nah dude thats still not “men”  thats the men YOU KNOW. this is basically sexism still. you just had a bunch of fucked up relationships dont trash the gender

and this is why I didn’t make my own post about this ^
Some guys think that because they don’t see men like this (or if they do they think its totally acceptable behavior), that they must be few or nonexistant. Thats just straight up, “I can’t see it, so it must not be true.” Like, can no one see the oddness in that? People are genuinely invalidating terrible experiences for other human beings just because they think they’re perception of reality IS the reality for everyone. Do they not wonder, “maybe I don’t see this stuff or think its bad when I do because…yaknow….I’m a guy, and these are things that predominantly happen to women?” 

I’ve had plently of shitty relationships, only one contributed to why I don’t trust men. The general public, the way men behave in groups (I can’t stress that enough, my god), and men who I’ve had NO romantic or sexual relationship or interest in are the main problems for me. 

Its not fucking sexism to say you don’t trust men. I mean shit, we’re dumb if we do trust men that end up harming us, and bitches if we don’t trust men that we’re supposed to somehow know won’t hurt us. And I just l0o0o0o0ve hearing ‘Give the good guys a break’ ‘I hate when bitches are mean to ‘nice guys’ because of a few shitty guys harharhar’, PLEASE enlighten me on a check list of a VISIBLY trust worthy man. What are things that I can look for in a stranger’s appearance and think, “Ok, I can trust you!”, because I can’t think of any. If we trust a guy and he hurts us, we’re dumb asses. If we don’t trust a guy who claims that he won’t hurt us, we’re bitches. Thats pretty sexist, I think.

So hows about instead of attacking women who don’t trust men, you give them a reason to.

No, you’re still being pretty sexist. You’re stereotyping men into being untrustworthy. If I said, “Oh, I don’t trust black people because I’ve had a few black friends that hurt me.” I’d be considered racist to the highest extent. I see the point you’re trying to make, but you’re only trying to justify a reason for being sexist towards men by erasing all the variables that could mess up your assumption.

“just because they think they’re perception of reality IS the reality for everyone”

THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE DOING. You have yet to meet a genuine human being of the male gender that would cater to your “Check list” and so that is your justification for subjecting all men to being untrustworthy? Stereotyping a race, is racist. Stereotyping a gender, is sexist.

You can’t determine someone’s personality on their outside, or their gender. You just can’t. Equal rights is the idea that every body is treated equally. You’re not giving everyone an equal chance. Good job.


What the woman I responded to said: “I’ve had plently of shitty relationships, only one contributed to why I don’t trust men. The general public, the way men behave in groups, and men who I’ve had NO romantic or sexual relationship or interest in are the main problems for me.”

What I heard: Literally the exact opposite of what she actually said.

[Mod note: you have only reinforced the original point; the general population of men is guilty for losing the trust of women. Let me tell you that I’ve seen this reaction from men before, and you are yet another random man in my life who has given me ample reason not to trust men.

You do realize that you just blatantly did not pay attention to the woman you were arguing with? That shit you just pulled, where you argued against literally the opposite thing that the woman before you said? Men do that to us on a regular basis.

You don’t listen to us. Men don’t fucking listen to us. How the hell are we supposed to trust you when, when it comes to what a woman has to say, you value her words so little that you will literally ignore a whole fucking post and argue against something that was never said?!

News flash: it doesn’t happen to you because YOU’RE A MAN. There’s no way you could possibly know that women are used to men ignoring what they say because as a man, men actually value what you have to say.

This happens to us on a regular basis by unknown men. Point in case: you. Why the hell should we trust you?]

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    I like this. Trust MUST be earned. It is not given away. Until someone proves that they are worthy of your trust, then...
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